Medium Rotary Mixer

Product Code: 147-RM4
Brand: Ratek Instruments
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Thorough mixing is achieved with the end over end mixing action. This mixer can be supplied with optional fittings to accommodate a range of flasks Bottles and test tubes. For larger bottles and flasks adjustable 3 prong clamps are the most suitable, each clamp can hold containers from 5-90mm diameter up to 250mm long in their plastic coated jaws. For test tubes a 4 sided adapter with spring clips is used, clips are available for tubes from 1·5ml to 50ml. The rotating bar is mounted with precision ball bearings and is driven by a custom microprocessor controlled drive system, the large digital display can show set speed or actual speed. The inbuilt electronic timer can be set for 0-99 minutes or 0-99 hours, memory buttons allow for up to 3 speed / time patterns to be stored.

  • End over end mixing action
  • Microprocessor controlled drive system
  • 3 user preset programs
  • Silent operation
  • Can be customised to suit your application
Power requirements 240vac/130 watts  
Capacity 4 kg's (evenly loaded)  
Mixer control Solid state with optical feedback  
Motor Brushless ac  
Speed range 6-57 RPM  
Timer 0-99 minutes or 0-99 hours with 3 presets  
Safety features Motion interrupt cut out  
Overall dimensions W455 x D400 x H335