Clear gabled polycarbonate to suit SWB20D

Clear gabled polycarbonate to suit SWB20D

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Product Code: 147-PLS20

Brand: Ratek Instruments

To suit the Ratek SWB20D Shaking Waterbath only. These gabled lids reduce water loss due to evaporation, as condensation runs down the gabled lid back into the bath.

The transparent polycarbonate lid is designed to make observation of what’s occurring within the waterbath possible, so you won’t need to keep lifting the lid to check on your projects/samples.

The stainless steel lid is designed for use in waterbaths running at temperatures over 50°C. The stainless steel material offers a higher rate of condensation, and coupling this lid to your waterbath assists in a reduction of water loss due to evaporation.

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