Plain block no holes

Product Code: 147-PB
Brand: Ratek Instruments
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Plain blocks can be used when you have unused block positions to minimise the amount of heat loss through the empty wells, as well as ensuring that an even temperature is maintained throughout the system. The smooth work surface is also ideal for working with microscope slides or warming a variety of plates, dishes and other flat-bottomed vessels.

Precision CNC machined aluminium
Chemical resistant black anodised finish
Improves heat uniformity when blocks not in use
Will fit many other brands of block heater
Dimensions L95 X W75 X H50mm

# of holes N/A  
Hole width N/A  
Hole depth N/A  
Hole base type N/A  
Block dimensions L95 x W75 x H50mm  
Thermometer reference hole No  
Material Black Anodised Aluminium