Microplate Vortexer - 4 Plate

Product Code: 147-MPS1
Brand: Ratek Instruments
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The MPS1 is designed to hold up to 4 x 96 well Microtiter plates, a variable speed control gives this plate shaker the versatility to be used for gentle through to vigorous mixing, and is suited to a range of different applications. The drive system is counterbalanced and electronically controlled for smooth and quiet operation, the shaker can operate for extended times unattended when required. Microtiter Plates are held on the platform by simply placing one end under the locating strip and the other under the stainless steel locating springs. The MPS1 can operate in a temperature range of 0° to 45°c with a maximum humidity of 80% RH (non condensing).

  • Holds up to 4 x 96 well microtiter plates
  • Variable speed mixing
  • Wide speed range and 3mm mixing orbit
  • Efficient mixing method
Power requirements 240vac/ 60w  
Control Continuously variable between 100 and 1200 rpm  
Mixer control Solid state with optical feedback  
Motor Brushless ac  
Speed range 100 to 1200rpm  
Overall dimensions w280 x d255 x h110 mm  
Weight 3.9kg