1 Position Digital Dry Block Heater - Precision - Temp range ambient + 5 to 200C

Product Code: 147-DBH1000D
Brand: Ratek Instruments
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Ratek precision digital block heaters offer excellent temperature stability combined with a large active LED display for easy visibility from across the lab. Available in 3 sizes accommodating 1, 2 or 4 standard blocks, the DBHx000D range is the latest in Ratek’s long established history of quality Australian made block heaters.

All models feature precision digital PID control with bright dual line LED display which indicates set and current temperatures, combined with simple up and down temperature control buttons. Independent concealed heaters heat each block individually to achieve rapid heat-up times and excellent spacial uniformity.

A user-configurable process over-temp audible and visual alarm also provides the user with peace of mind. Perhaps the best new feature in the range is the capability to operate at up to 200° C as standard, allowing for a much wider range of digestion applications to be performed in addition to low temperature molecular and biological work.

Ratek’s most advanced block heaters to date offer simplicity with accuracy and can be run day in day out for any number of general lab applications.

Power requirements 240 VAC/50hz 170 watts  
Control type Precision digital microprocessor  
Control range Temperature range ambient + 5°C to 200°C (indicated in 0.1°C increments)  
Control stability +/- 0.2°C with 0.1°C indication  
Safety features - User configurable over-temperature process alarm
- Independent manual reset element over-temperature safety cutout (internal)
- Over-current fail-safe fuse
Overall dimensions W130 x D315 x H125 mm  
Weight 3.2 kg (without block)