VU-C Chemiluminescence Imaging System

VU-C Chemiluminescence Imaging System

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Vü is a stunning new system which utilises a new imaging platform. It sits discreetly on any laboratory bench. Just use your cell phone, tablet, laptop or computer to collect the image and that’s all you have to do. Depending on your sample type, your image will appear in seconds or minutes ready for you to print or analyse. No fuss, no hassle, no drama, no camera, lens or filters to worry about. No sensitivity issues, no focussing needed. Just the best image you have ever seen whether it is of a faint band or a high signal output blot.

Our clever engineers have taken the very latest imaging sensors and have adapted them for blot imaging. All this new technology is packaged into a compact device giving you a smart new way to capture your blot images.

Using our Advanced Progressive Imaging technology, the high sensitivity sensors can easily capture low output blots to give you an outstanding image. All you have to do is to select the tray size for your blot, place the blot in the marked position and push the tray into Vü with your finger. Vü immediately recognises the tray and then adapts to the blot size or application type. You will get your image in a matter of a few minutes.

  • Western blot imaging with a difference
  • Ultra resolution
  • Super sensitivity
  • Stunning images
  • No camera, no lens, no setup

Application: Chemiluminescence – Western blots

Illumination : RGB integral LEDS for marker including coloured markers

Sample size 10 x 10cm

Sensor Cooling: Not required

Sensor resolution: 51m pixels

Sensor lens T-Stop: 1.01

Footprint [mm]: 375D x 353Wx 175H

Weight: 8 kgs

Power supply:100- 250v external power supply

Connectivity: Integral Wifi and ethernet

Analysis software: 3 copies

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