SAFE® Access Tube Laser Marker (suction device included)

Product Code: 114-TLM-864
Brand: LVL technologies

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Although the automation-friendly data matrix code on the bottom of storage tubes has now been standard for many years – and has considerably simplified the handling of samples, many users still want to mark tubes with their own specific information. But at the same time, they want to get away from time consuming and non-secure methods of labelling and lettering.

To meet precisely this need, LVL has developed a fully automatic tube laser marker. 

The TLM 864 can automatically laser-code SAFE® tubes in SBS 96, SBS 48 and SBS 24 formats from two sides and link the information in a database to the 2D code that was previously lasered-on during production. Up to 500 tubes per hour can be coded from nine SBS/ANSI positions.

The information to be applied is created and transmitted from an external PC, and the device is configured via an integrated touch screen.

  • Custom double-sided laser coding
  • Label up to 9 racks at once
  • No more need to affix labels
  • Key Feature: SAFE compatible
  • Labeling of up to 9 racks simultaneously
  • Individual double-sided laser coding
  • Flexible for three SBS/ANSI formats: SBS 96, 48 and 24
  • Coding of tubes can be lasered from two sides
  • Up to 500 tubes per hour
  • Convenient CSV data exchange format

Dimensions 910 mm x 815 mm x 720 mm (H x W x D)
Weight 120 kg
Power supply 100-240V, 50/60Hz max. 16A at 230V
Noise Level < 72 dB (A)
Rack Positions 9
Rack types SAFE® SBS 96, 48, 24
Speed approx. 500 tubes per hour
File exchange format CSV