Starter Pack SAFE Small

Product Code: 114-STP-S
Brand: LVL technologies

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Small LVL Starter Pack (Medium & Large also available) 

Whats included:

1x 114-STR - Single Tube Reader 

› The Single Tube Reader scans the 2D codes on SAFE® tubes and other cryo tubes

› Scans SBS and Cryo Tubes in just 5 seconds

› Easy export in MS Excel, XML or text and scanned images can also be saved

 1x (114-CDC-1CH-XT-96) - Single tube picker and de/capper

› Easy picking, capping and de-capping of single tubes out of a rack

› The caps hold fast to the device and are able to be ejected with a push of the white plunger 

10x SAFE® 2D Barcoded Racked Tubes

300, 500, 1000ul 96 XSX 

› Excellent sealing (IATA certified and Co2 tested)

› Automation friendly or easy manual handling

› High performance fibre laser coding for unmatched contrast and readability

› 2D bottom code, 1D & HR side code

› SAFE® low leachables polypropylene

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