Starter Pack SAFE Small incl. Tube Racks, Manual Capper/Decapper, Single Tube Sc

Product Code: 114-STP-S
Brand: LVL technologies
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Single tube reader: "SAFE® READ Single Tube"  

The stationary Single Tube Reader scans 2D codes of SAFE® and any additional standard 2D tubes in SBS rack

  • Scans SBS- and Cryo Tubes in just 5 seconds
  • Easy export in MS Excel, XML or text and scanned images can also be saved
  • The SAFE® READ Single Tube can also be used with a linear Barcode Reader so the barcode on the side of the rack can be scanned simultaneously
  • The software displays the results of the scan and can identify the difference between a correctly scanned tube (green), a damaged tube (red) and missing tube (grey)

1 channel picker and de/capper:  

Easy-peasy capping, decapping and picking of single tubes out of a rack

  • Eased picking process
  • The caps don´t fall of and can be ejected through existing apparatus

10 pre-capped racks:

Tubes in rack pre-capped at buyer´s option

  • SBS-Standard and stackable
  • 2D coded tubes
  • Lid with stable closing mechanism  
  • Optionally available with Easy Lock and Slide Lock closure
  • Optional with internal or external thread