2D Tube Rack, 6000ul, side-code, ext. thread, blue cap, sterile (50 x 24)

Product Code: 114-3C-XL6-BL-CW-P-L
Brand: LVL technologies

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XXLX 6000 2D Biobank Tube

The 24 SBS format rounds off the lower end of the LVL technologies SBS product range. In addition to the well-established advantages of the SAFE® XT technology, which offers the lowest possible risk of contamination, the most efficient use of space and a patented two-phase compression seal, each tube is perfectly suited for the specific requirements of modern biobanking. 


  • Working Volume 6000 µl
  • Height 57.8 / 58.2 mm (Tube with Screw Cap / Tube with Screw Cap in Rack)
  • Optional side coded

Custom 2D coding options are available to meet your laboratory's individual database or tracking requirements. Please contact us today to discuss your biobanking needs.

XXLX 2000 – traditionally used as a tissue vial due to the low height and large diameter, but can also be used for fluids.

XXLX 4000 / XXLX 6000 – suitable for storing larger tissue samples and larger volumes with a reduced height 
& as reformatting storage tubes for frozen Legacy Samples (Cryo Tubes, EppiTM, SarstedtTM Micro Tube, Nunc® CryoTubes®, WHEATON® CryoEliteTM, and much more).

XXLX 8000 – for high volume storage requirements.