Alco-Sensor ASVXL Breathalyser Set with Printer

Alco-Sensor ASVXL Breathalyser Set with Printer

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Product Code: 096-ASV-0037+P

Brand: Intoximeters Inc

The Alco-Sensor ASVXl Breathalyser and printer package features the ASVXL which is an evidential grade handheld breath alcohol tester, plus Martel MCP7880 thermal printer for printing instant, hard copy results.

The ASVXL model also can conduct direct breath testing, passive testing and “drink sniffer” analysis.

Unlike other instruments in the industry it features a patented rear-facing display allowing the operator to view the instrument’s display while remaining in control of the subject and monitoring the surrounding environment. The design also allows for ambidextrous use.  Additionally, the unique lever and snap mouthpiece diverts the subject’s breath away from the operator during the sample collection process.

Certifications- Approvals:

  • Australian Standards approved (AS3547:1997) 


  • The genuine Intoximeter electrochemical fuel cell sensor generates an electric response that is proportional to the Breath Alcohol Concentration in the provided breath sample. The fuel cell sensor is specific for alcohol in the human breath and does not respond to acetone or other substances that can be found in human breath

Range of Sensor:

  • Standard range of detection is .000-.440 BrAC with other ranges available

Response Time:

  • Produces quick results on both positive and negative samples

Sampling System:

  • Offers both automatic and manual sampling
  • Features an automatic blank sample


  • Features a multi-colour, backlit, graphics LCD display and side facing LED indicator lights


  • In a basic software setup, device stores up to 7000 test records. Actual test memory is dependent on the amount of information collected with each test. Optional memory expansion is available.


  • Operates over a wide ambient temperature range

CE Mark:

  • CE Mark compliant for EMC compatibility for emissions and immunity

Power Supply, Capacity:

  • Four (4) AA batteries – approx. 1500 tests per set of batteries
  • Optional rechargeable NiMH battery pack

Physical Characteristics:

  • Handheld on 343g
  • 190mm x 102mm x 57mm. Magnetic Head

Printer details:

  • The Martel MCP7880 is a thermal printer with rechargeable battery power and Bluetooth capability. It can be charged from either main power or in a vehicle with the use of a Cigarette Adapter Power Cord (sold separately).

Case Construction:

  • Constructed of impact resistant ABS plastic with rubber over moulding

Optional Accessories and Software:

  • Barometer, Bluetooth, GPS
  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • Alco-Sensor VXLacerator software program

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