WormStuff Worm Pick Platinum Wire Tips 90/10% Platinum/Ir, 30 Gauge (36)

Product Code: 076-59-30PI36
Brand: Genesee Scientific
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Genesee’s premium-grade platinum wire is a dense, malleable precious heavy metal that exhibits remarkable resistance to corrosion, even at high temperatures. Our unique magnetic tip attachment system (patent pending) features a pre-flattened wire securely fastened to a powerful diminutive magnet. Install or remove the tip with ease and never spend valuable time flattening platinum or glass bending. Our wires are sold in two thicknesses to ensure that your worm pick features a platinum wire tip that is just right for you. 99.95% pure platinum wire is exceptionally pure and malleable for easier flattening and a softer pick tip. 90/10% platinum/iridium alloy features a stiffer and sturdier feel compared to pure platinum.

  • These tips are compatible with the WormStuff Worm Pick
  • Quick-Pick System (Patent Pending) for instantaneous installation and removal of platinum tips