Ultimate Flypad

Ultimate Flypad

Product Code: 076-59-172
Brand: Genesee Scientific
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The Ultimate FlyStuff Flypad is made of 1/8” (3mm) UHMW porous polyethelene paired together with a metal casing which helps in reducing static. A precision routed maze along the metal casing assures optimal, consistent diffusion of CO2 throughout the staging area. The FlyStuff Ultimate Flypad features 3 input options to best suit your setup. Its ‘zero-edge’ rim makes it easy and safe for removal of flies.

Each Ultimate Flypad comes with 2 additional Replacement Pads, Hex Wrench, 5 feet of Genesee tubing, 2 threaded plugs, One 1/8” I.D. threaded input, and One 1/4” I.D. threaded input.

  • Easy to replace porous plastic sheets
  • Metal casing helps reduce static
  • Optimal and consistent CO2 flow
  • 3 input options for unmatched flexibility
  • Zero edge rim for easy removal of flies
  • Black porous plastic sheets available (see Cat# FS59-199B)