Drosophila Vials, Narrow, Polystyrene, Bulk (500)

Product Code: 076-32-116
Brand: Genesee Scientific
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These quality Drosophila vials are precision moulded from premium grade polystyrene, K-Resin or polypropylene. All of Genesee Scientific fly vials are conveniently offered in either tray pack or bulk pack configurations. The tray pack 10 x 10 row configuration is great for quick, effortless filling. The bulk pack vials are layered with open-end orientation for convenient handling and smaller case size.

Polystyrene fly vials offer glass-like clarity for excellent visibility. These fly vials are a safe and cost-saving alternative to glass vials. Polystyrene vials are not autoclavable.


  • Glass-like clarity
  • Dimensional consistency
  • Durability
  • Narrow vial 25mm Diameter