10ml Solution Reservoir, Sterile, 5/Bag (200/Pack)

10ml Solution Reservoir, Sterile, 5/Bag (200/Pack)

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Product Code: 076-28-117

Brand: Genesee Scientific

Unlike other micro-sized reservoirs, this 10mL reservoir is designed for use with all standard 8 channel pipettes. Made of ultra-rigid polyethylene, these 10mL reservoirs are extremely stable, while it's molded-in protrusions prevent units from becoming 'stuck together.' This new size is ideal for any lab looking to conserve as much of their precious reagents as possible.

  • New Micro-Size conserves valuable reagents
  • Fits 8 channel pipettes
  • 75mm wide
  • RNase, DNase and Pyrogen-free
  • Corner 'bumps' prevent units sticking together