96-well PCR Rack with Lid, Orange (5/pack)

Product Code: 076-27-202O
Brand: Genesee Scientific
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Designed to be used as a workstation or storage rack for a variety of pre- and post-PCR sample processing applications, our PCR Tube Rack works with other manufacturers’ trays or retainer sets of cycle plates, individual tubes, and with eight or twelve-tube strips. Formatted in the standard 8×12 microtiter format and alpha-numerically indexed, the rack provides convenient and error-free tube identification and comes with a clear lid with a stacking lip for easier stacking.

  • 96 Place (8 x 12) format
  • Lids included
  • Working rack for PCR processing
  • Standard spacing for PCR strip tubes and plates
  • Snaps into PCR work-up rack, cat: GS27-210A
  • Temperature range: -90º to 121ºC