Cryovial 1.8ml Self-Standing, Ext Thread, Sterile (10x100=1000)

Product Code: 076-24-203
Brand: Genesee Scientific
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Olympus Plastics cryogenic storage tubes are ideal for vapor-phase liquid nitrogen freezing. All tubes feature a white writing area and black 100ul graduation marks and internal or external thread tube options are available. Internal thread tubes have a silicone rubber o-ring for a secure, leak-proof seal. External thread tubes have a lip seal feature so no o-ring is necessary. Round or self-standing star grip bases are available. Cap inserts in a variety of 10 different colors are available for color coding.

Olympus cryovials are suitable for storage of cell cultures, tissue samples, microbiological samples (e.g. viruses, bacteria, yeast and other fungi, spores), material of human or animal origin, such as blood, serum and sperm as well as antibodies, RNA, DNA and protein samples. Dimensions (cap on): 48mm x 12mm

  • Caps have lip seal feature so no o-ring is necessary
  • Made of FDA-approved , medical grade polypropylene with HDPE caps
  • Compliant with the In Vitro Devices Directive (IVD)
  • Packaged in resealable, stand-up pouches that minimize use of benchtop space
  • Large white writing area and black graduation marks every 100ul
  • Round base and self-standing stargrip bases available
  • Sterile, Certified RNase, DNase, DNA, PCR Inhibitors and Endotoxin Free
  • Ideal for vapor-phase liquid nitrogen freezing