Gellifters White 18 x 36cm

Gellifters White 18 x 36cm

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Brand: BVDA International

Lift your evidence to the highest level with these Gel Lifting Products.

Gelatin lifters have been used by crime scene officers for more than a century but are still an indispensable tool in crime scene investigation. In the past, only transparent lifters were used, exclusively for lifting powdered fingerprints, but because gelatin lifters have a number of special characteristics, their use has broadened.

Gellifters have a low tack and a certain flexibility that enable them to lift traces (without inclusion of air bubbles) even from surfaces that are irregular (to a certain degree) and/or mechanically weak (paper, for example). The extreme white color of this Gellifter has a low fluorescence. Staining solutions which fluoresce when excited with green light (e.g., Hungarian Red) will therefore show up in high contrast to the gelatin layer. We advise that shoeprints in dust be lifted with the black Gellifters, even when lifting darkcolored prints that intuitively would seem to contrast better on white Gellifters.

Also available in BLACK or TRANSPARENT.

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